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How to Cancel a Bail Bond

Posted - 03/19/2012

Bail cancellation refers to the process of rescinding a surety bond (bail bond). Cancelling a bond isn't the same as bail forfeiture. Bail forfeiture occurs when a criminal defendant fails to appear in court for a scheduled hearing or trial. Or in cases where the accused violates the terms set forth at the bond hearing as conditions for release. Bail bondsmen or bail agents can cancel or withdraw bond at any time. How to cancel a bail bond:

1. Contact a bail bondsman about the desire to withdraw the surety bond contract
2. Fill out the appropriate paperwork
3. Present a valid photo id and the reason for the cancellation
4. Provide the address and location of the accused person
5. Follow-up with the bondsman 7 days after the request

The purpose of bail bond is to grant a person accused of a crime the privilege of remaining free until their court date. In the event of a cancelled bond, the accused person does not have any options; they will be returned to jail until their court appearance. If you need to cancel a bail bond, contact a professional bail bond agent for additional information about the bond withdrawal process.
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